In the middle of its new big bullish rally, Bitcoin manages to break its previous record high price on the Gemini exchange platform.

It seems that we can already say, without fear of being wrong, that Bitcoin is living the biggest bullish rally in its history. After more than 3 years since the great bullish rally of 2017, the first cryptomoney in the world has lived several weeks of constant rise, thanks to which it is getting closer and closer to breaking the historical record in its quotation. However, as Tyler Winklevoss commented in the Tweet of the Day, Crypto Investor has already broken its all-time high on Gemini:

Bitcoin is flirting with the all-time high, will it succeed in conquering it?

Bitcoin reaches its maximum on Gemini

For most of the crypto community, the year 2020 has been a boom year. Not only has it been the most active year in all sectors of the crypto world, with dozens of products being launched weekly by major crypto companies. Besides, this year was also the year of decentralized finance fever, showing the usefulness of Blockchain technology in all sectors.

However, no achievement has been so important for the crypto world as the new big rally in the price of Bitcoin. Well, after several years during which the possibility of a new increase in the price of BTC was constantly questioned from inside and outside the cryptcoin community. Finally, the price of cryptomoney has exploded once again.

Bitcoin breaks historic high on Gemini.

WinklevossBitcoin breaks historic high on Gemini.

At this point, Bitcoin begins to flirt with its historical high price of $19,786 per BTC, which at the time of writing is in the order of $19,423. However, on some exchanges Bitcoin has already exceeded its previous price high, this being the case with Gemini, where Bitcoin managed to reach $19,833 in the afternoon. Just as Tyler Winklevoss announced on his Twitter account.

“Bitcoin has just reached a new all-time high. Onwards and upwards, we’re going to the moon.

With these words, Tyler Winklevoss sums up perfectly the position of most of the crypto world. He’s looking forward to more than just Bitcoin breaking its all-time high in the general market, as it did on Gemini. It expects BTC to continue to rise after that until it reaches new highs in its price.