King’s parade from Prague to Karlštejn May 31—June 2 2013

Attention change!

This year's King's parade will take the City Dobrichovice in cooperation with SHS Alotrium and DDS, for which we thank them very much.

All information, including contacts can be found on the current website to the parade.


4. 6. 2013

Despite of the rainy weather and the floods we have put the king's jewellery into the Chaple of st. Cross at Karlštejn Castle. See some photos in our gallery!

31. 5. 2013

We will go on! Despite of the rain, wind or storm we just must join the emperor Charles IV. in his journey to Karlstejn Castle. The crown jewels must be transported to the right place!

28. 5. 2013

Booking of our costumes has stopped! However, you can join the parade in any case - with your costume or without any of it! We are looking forward for you!

26. 5. 2013

Join the parade! If you want to hire any costume get the info right here! You can book the costume till monday 27th of May.

21. 5. 2013

We have chosen a new emperor's couple! Charles IV., the emperor, will be played by an actor David Suchařípa. Emperor's wife, Eliška Pomořanská, will be played by young actress Iveta Jiříčková. Check their photos at our Facebook page!

18. 5. 2013

Check the program! There will be no place for boredom!

16. 5. 2013

We are really focused now to prepare you the best parade ever! Be patient, some informations will be here soon. I can tell you right now the parade will be held for whole three days this year! Friday May 31 - Sunday June 2. We have added friday's program in Prague. You can check our Facebook page as well. And don't forget you can join the parade - with or without any costume. Keep in touch!

15. 5. 2012

Joint he emperor as a medieval nobleman or a a lady of the court! Who lacks own costume can rent one from the organisers (for a symbolic price of 300 CZK / weekend)

You can even join us on a horse back!

Refreshments, transfer of "civil clothing" and a place for a tent (or a horse) for the night are secured.

More information

7. 2. 2012

June 2 and 3, 2012

This year's King's Parade will be held from 2nd to 3rd June again. Join the Emperor Charles IV. and enjoy tremendous atmosphere of the medieval times! Keep in touch with the news of the programme on this page and on our Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing you!